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new music apps enhance people’s mood

Technology continues to shape the way youth consume entertainment, especially with recent music apps that seek to improve one’s mood and mental state. The following apps provide a new way for modern youth to meditate and focus through specially designed music experiences, which can help them achieve their goals of personal betterment and overall wellness.


The co-founder of the popular Y7 Yoga Studio is tapping into at-home meditation with the launch of Wave. This meditation program consists of a vibrating bolster, over-the-ear headphones, and a $10 a month subscription service to the company’s meditation content. Users sit up or recline against the bolster as they listen to their choice of meditation via Wave's library. The bolster’s vibration patterns are based on the song, and users are encouraged to focus on and feel every bass beat as a form of meditation. All of the lyrics are meditative and motivational, and the music library is updated with a new album release each month.


Humm.ly is the first music meditation app of its kind: all of the music and meditations featured on the platform are created by board-certified music therapists and music producers. Humm.ly is designed to help people with mental health issues by providing mood enhancement, anxiety relief, and sleep aid through the mood-altering power of music. Users can choose from a page of different meditative practices such as Daily Routine, Grow, Relax, or Inspire. Each meditation can be customized using Humm.ly’s volume toolbar, which allows users to turn up the narrator’s voice or drown it out with background music.


Focus@Will is harnessing the power of music to help users lift their mood, sharpen their attention, and maintain their focus on the task at hand. The music app is scientifically engineered by musicologists, producers, and scientists to generate music instrumental channels that help alter brain activity and prevent it from falling prey to distraction and habituation. When users tune into Focus@Will, they enter a state of hyper-focus that can boost their productivity up to four times and help them better retain information. Users can determine which music is best for them to listen to for productivity by taking the app’s one-minute online quiz.

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